MINI PENNY: 30DFC Day 20 // Lazy Day Outfit

Thursday, March 20, 2014

30DFC Day 20 // Lazy Day Outfit

As a part of Mini Penny's blog birthday, I'm taking a look back at one of my first series — The 30 Day Fashion Challenge. Check back every day for a look at how big of a difference three years can make!

I'm actually altering this post a bit. This Lazy Day Outfit is going to be my equivalent to the previous "Biggest Faux Pas." Why? Because, well,  why dwell? Also, how amazingly awesome is it that I considered my previously shaved head a faux pas and ... here I am doing it again? Hah! Actual quote: "Will I shave my head again? No." Oops. Never say never.

But anyway, lazy day outfit. That's sort of 'faux pas' in the fashion world, right? Well, there are days when I'm just feeling like a bunch of blankets and a few hours of Netflix. Laying on the coach with my iPad? Yep. Taco Tuesday across the neighborhood? Well, then stretchy pants are a good move. I love being "lazy" as much as the next person, and my lazy outfits translate as stretch bottoms and a basic tee or sweater. Bonus points if it's dry enough outside to wear Converse.

If I'm around the house, I'm normally in a sweater and some leggings (here I'm wearing Zara and Forever21). On mornings and nights, you can find me in a soft robe. Oh, and Minnetonkas. However, if I'm feeling lazy but running errands, I'll wear some faux-leather leggings or Nike training leggings with a sweater on top.

I have no shame in lazy days, because lazy is not synonymous with sloppy!


Be sure to compare the 30DFC // Biggest Faux Pas post from 2011!

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