MINI PENNY: 30DFC Day 3 // Top Fashion Tip

Monday, March 3, 2014

30DFC Day 3 // Top Fashion Tip

As a part of Mini Penny's blog birthday, I'm taking a look back at one of my first series — The 30 Day Fashion Challenge. Check back every day for a look at how big of a difference three years can make!

Three years ago I noted that my biggest fashion tip was confidence. And three years later, I stand by this.

I've grown a bit of a thick skin over the years — plenty of people comment on my weight or my hair or my eyebrows or my outfits. So after three years I do still believe confidence is key, but I approach it in a totally different light.

Three years ago I fell more inline with the "I'm going to wear what I want... whatever" mentality. And it was all about me. But now, through learning about fashion and social issues and acceptances, I try to approach my fashion confidence from the perspective of we.

A few weeks ago, I got a Facebook message from my niece. She's around fifteen. The photo was of her sitting in a chair at the salon with pink hair. Hot pink. Apparently she had been showing the stylist "Aunt Jessie's Hair." Like, how rad is that? My niece then told me that people were looking at her funny in public (she lives in a small Ohio town like the one I grew up in). My advice to her? Own it. Do you. And she does. I get Snapchats from her every few days of her and her friends at school. And sure enough, she has this long, amazing hot pink hair. So cool.

I think I've mentioned this before on Twitter — I don't 'get' it when people feel the need to post negative comments on social media in regards to other peoples' clothing (also real life). If I'm scrolling through Instagram and some is wearing something that I might not be into, I don't take time out of my day to tell them that they look bad. I appreciate it for what it is and keep scrolling. Do you know how intimidating it can be to post selfies? Why cut other people down when you could just... be nice?

Anyway, my point is, confidence is more than just about me wearing whatever I want. It's me wearing what I want, how I want, and setting an example for my niece or my followers or whomever that they can do the same. And by appreciating and learning from people who are different than me (so many of you have opened my eyes about acceptance of sizes, genders, colors, and ages in fashion), I've learned to hold my head up high with the rest of you. And damn, if I want to run out of the house in sneakers, leggings, and an oversized sweater, I'll do it with pride.

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