MINI PENNY: 30DFC Day 8 // Newest Purchase

Saturday, March 8, 2014

30DFC Day 8 // Newest Purchase

As a part of Mini Penny's blog birthday, I'm taking a look back at one of my first series — The 30 Day Fashion Challenge. Check back every day for a look at how big of a difference three years can make!

I've been pretty good this winter. Any purchases I made have been relatively small. Case in point, these earrings. Since I've cut my hair short, I've developed a mild obsession over "ugly" earrings. It's been a little harder than I imagined to find ones that I really like, which is probably really good for my wallet.

This snake earring is one of my favorites!


Be sure to compare the 30DFC // Newest Purchase post from 2011!

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