MINI PENNY: You've Got Nail 32 // Julep March Boho Glam Box + Free Box Promo Code

Thursday, March 13, 2014

You've Got Nail 32 // Julep March Boho Glam Box + Free Box Promo Code

Last month's Julep Maven box left me pretty unimpressed. However, when I saw their spring colors for March, I decided to continue with my subscription. I've found that their cosmetics are very hit or miss, but overall I am liking their polishes.

This month I decided to go with the Boho Glam Box. It was sort of a tough decision, as there were a lot of great colors. However, the purple sealed the deal. I'm wanting to stay away from Julep's cosmetics because of my past experiences with them, but most of the boxes had the lip gloss included. I also decided to add on this powder blue color (which is one of my favorite shades this spring!) for an extra $5.

Here's what came in the box:
❖ Julep Nail Laquer in Elisa
❖ Julep Nail Laquer in Harriet
❖ Julep Nail Laquer in Margaret (add-on)
❖ Julep Enchanted Lip Gloss — I chose Awetruck
❖ Cotton Candy stick

For starters, oh my gosh candy. These totally remind me of this old italian restaurant my parents used to take me and my brothers to in Columbus, Ohio. Some pretty strong nostalgia here. This was really cute in the box, but unfortunately I didn't end up liking the flavor at all. (sad face)

And as for the colors, I'm overall really happy with these! I'm not regretting selecting this box one bit. Here's the breakdown:

Harriet — Julep describes this as "guava coral créme." It's my least favorite of the box. I already have a Revlon color that is nearly identical, so I'm probably going to be listing this color for trade on eDivv. The coverage is okay, but definitely requires two coats. [similar or subscribe to Julep Maven]

Elisa — Julep describes this lilac shade as a "soft wisteria shimmer." I didn't even read this description before I ordered, so I was surprised to see that it has a faint shimmer to it when applied. I love this lavender color (obviously!) and the shimmer adds an extra punch to it. The formula is creamy and coats very well. I cannot wait to start doing manis with this! [similar or subscribe to Julep Maven]

Margaret — And this was my add-on, Julep's "light periwinkle créme." Again, I am very much in love with this color. I've been trying to incorporate a powdery, pastel blue in my wardrobe and this is a step in the right direction. The formula is great and just like Elisa, covers very well. [similar or subscribe to Julep Maven]

Here's what I did with my colors. I haven't used the purple on a mani yet, but I'm saving it for something special. This design was inspired by this set by AstroWifey. I wanted something with less embellishments (though hers are great) and stronger colors. Here's what I used:

Essie Nail Laquer in Topless and Barefoot
Julep Nail Laquer in Harriet [similar or subscribe to Julep Maven]
Julep Nail Laquer in Margaret [similar or subscribe to Julep Maven]
UO Gold glitter (similar)
Seche Vite Top Coat

As for the Enchanted Lipgloss, I chose Awestruck. Awestruck is described as "sheer golden blush shimmer with Power Cell Complex." I'm not sure what the Power Cell deal is and there doesn't seem to be too much info floating around the internet about it. I went for a nude shade because I wasn't really feeling too many of the others and I wanted something that I could wear on lazy days.

I had read in the past that Julep's lip glosses were notorious for leaking, breaking, and being all-around unreliable. Well, when I opened my box, I definitely noticed lip gloss goo all over the cap. And then I noticed that the cap wasn't even sitting on the container straight. Leaning tower of lipgloss, anyone? As I went to turn the gloss to open it, it just lifted off. Turns out the plastic threading of the tub is broken and stuck inside the wand, making this container totally open.

I've emailed Julep's customer service about this and have yet to hear back. From reading some other reviews and comments, it seems like I'm not the only one who had this issue. If I get a response from them, I'll be sure to append this section.

As for the lipgloss formula itself — I really like it. I'm bummed that the tube is so shoddy, because this is something I could actually see myself wearing on the regular. It's glossy with a tiny bit of shimmer without feeling too thick or tar-like, which many glosses fall victim to. For now the tube is sitting upright on my dresser, where it can only be used for a brief moment before selfies and quick errands to the store. I can't carry it around for touch ups. Sad. (Here I am wearing the Julep Maven Enchanted Lipgloss in Awestruck over bare lips, paired with Eyeko liquid eyeliner in purple and Tiramisu eyeshadow from Julep's December box)

Overall I am glad I stuck with Julep for another month! Given the frustrations with Cult Cosmetics (I updated this post Tuesday after discovering that they are still stealing images... ew), some of my previous qualms with Julep seem pretty small. And still, I really like their nail polish. I feel their cosmetics could still be left behind, but I'm bearing with them as they work things out.

I really liked this month's selections.
The lip gloss formula is great even though the packaging execution is not.
In last month's review, I spoke about how disappointed I was that Julep was introducing a new product that I felt was gimmicky — the Plié Wand. I was concerned because I love Julep's current bottle shape and feared that I would cancel my service when they introduced shorter, round caps. Alas, they announced yesterday that after all the feedback they received, they've changed the Plié design. This means that the current cap shape will remain the same for those of us who don't want this product! I'm really impressed that they listened and reacted to their customers like this!
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I really do love their packaging. Every month, the box colors change just a little bit to reflect to theme. It's a nice touch and I always reuse their packaging!

This lipgloss packaging is a fail. I'm really curious to hear back from customer service to see their thoughts on it. Stay tuned!
I recently found out that Julep has changed their rules for new subscribers. If you signed up after December 18th, you can no longer opt to skip each month. Instead, they are only offering new subscribers the option to skip once every six months. I've been using Julep since November, so I'm grandfathered into old rules, but I think this is totally bogus. I feel really bad that I've been spreading the word of this great skip-a-month option only to find out that Julep quietly changed this without telling us. If I led you to believe that you could skip every month and you signed up and was disappointed, please know that I did not know this change took place. I am very, very sorry! It seems as though there is now a lot of outcry about this, so I'm really hoping that Julep will again listen to its customers and change this silly rule.

For those of you who are interested in signing up with Julep, you can get your first box free when you use the code FREEBOX. For more info on preview Julep boxes, check out my reviews:

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Which box did you get this month? What are your thoughts on it?

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