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Monday, December 14, 2015

1976 Fragrance Launch

Lost Girls Vintage Fragrance - Mini Penny Blog
Could there be any more Chicago love in this post?! I am so incredibly proud of my friends over at Lost Girls Vintage! Yesterday they launched their first fragrance. To celebrate, they had a small get together with champagne and Chicago's own Doodlebooth at their storefront in Pilsen. I put on my new (vintage) Levi's jacket that I got at Randolph Street Market and headed down!

Lost Girls Vintage Fragrance - Mini Penny Blog
I think this packaging is just perfect — a simple, clean bottle with a roll-applicator. The scent is Italian bergamot, violet, ylang-ylang, cardamom, sandalwood, oakmoss, and cedar. It's almost like this thing was made for me (y'all know how much I love these woodsy-scents). It was so good that I had to pick one up for myself!

Vintage Levi's Jacket - Mini Penny Blog
This weekend was packed full of holiday markets. On Saturday I went to Randolph Street Market with some friends. I thought I had found the most perfect vintage leather moto jacket, subsequently freaked out, then tried it on and was disappointed that the fit wasn't just right. I didn't leave empty handed, though. I scored this amazing vintage Levi's shrunken jacket. Can you believe that yesterday was so warm I was able to get away with a 3/4 jacket... in December? Totally uncalled for and weird. Thanks, El NiƱo!

MINKPINK Mystic Garden Dress - Mini Penny Blog
Yesterday's stop by Lost Girls wasn't our only event for the day! We ended up at Beehive Chicago for their holiday sale, which resulted in me eating "too many" xmas cookies. Oops.

Lost Girls Vintage - Mini Penny Blog Lost Girls Vintage - Mini Penny Blog Lost Girls Vintage - Mini Penny Blog
Modern Cooperative and Lost Girls Vintage have such a wonderful shop. I can't believe it has really taken me this long to make it down there!

Lost Girls Vintage - Mini Penny Blog
Plus, Sarah and Kyla are fantastic! I mean, wait, can we just talk about this for a moment...

Lost Girls Vintage - Mini Penny Blog
... champagne on a chain. ON A CHAIN. This is important.

Lost Girls Vintage Fragrance Launch with Doodlebooth - Mini Penny Blog
And I adore this Doodlebooth of the guy and me. She even drew my cowlick perfectly!

Vintage Levi's jacket - Mini Penny Blog
What are you all excited for this week? The holidays are almost over, which I can't even think about right now because we're too busy counting down the days until Star Wars. I bought my tickets ages ago (or at least it feels that way) and I can't believe it's almost here! Who's excited?!

MINKPINK Floral Dress and vintage Levi's Jacket - Mini Penny Blog
Levi's Jacket, Vintage [ get this one! ]
Mystic Garden Tank Dress, c/o MINKPINK
Basic tights, Urban Outfitters
Wrap flats, Shoedazzle [ similar ]
Watch, A'Gaci [ similar ]
Disc Necklaces, Forever 21
Longline Tooth Necklace, Forever 21

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