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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Organize your Likes with ListaPost

Prior to finding ListaPost, I was a big screenshotter. When I would find outfit, nail, or other inspirations, I was simply in the habit of taking a screenshot. When it came time to find that image — good luck. I spent too much time scrolling through my camera roll to find whatever it was or I would just totally forget about my save-for-later images all together. Upon discovering ListaPost, I've totally changed the way I save and categorize my inspirations.

  1. For starters, download ListaPost from the App Store or Google Play! Connect it to your Instagram to get started.
  2. I began by making some categories. My main lists are Style, Lettering, Nails, and Interiors. I have a few extras just for photo styles I like for future reference, but the four above are my most-used and most-referenced.
  3. In order to add content to my lists, navigate to your profile and tap the heart on the right side. This is will bring up your Likes from Instagram. I started categorizing my Likes into my lists by tapping the "+" in the bottom left corner. You can even add photos to more than one list!
  4. And dang! Your likes are now easily accessible to your liking! I love using this for nails and fashion inspiration, because I can open the app and have tons of ideas to work from at my fingertips.
  5. Want to share? Open a list and you can send a small slideshow of 10 photos (with credit to the original Instagrammer, too! YAY!) to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!
Wanna see what it looks like when you share a ListaPost? Here's a video you can create using up to ten photos and share to your social media. When you make one of these videos, the app automatically makes and copies the caption for you that includes @mentions of who the images belong to! It's so convenient and helps share our favorite accounts to our followers.

If you want to send a private list or maybe just view it on mobile, you can opt to share it via a link!

Another bonus? You can navigate directly to profiles and add their images to your lists without ever needing to 'like' them. Say you found a new blogger that you love — rather seeming like a creep and sending them a heart for every post in the past 137 weeks, you can just add a bunch to your lists.

So far this app has been extremely useful for me. It's like a convenient version of Pinterest for you IG feed. Are you using it? How does ListaPost help you organize your Likes?


This post is brought to you in collaboration with ListaPost. All opinions and experiences are my own and I sincerely thank you for supporting those who help make Mini Penny Blog possible.

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