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Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Nail Station

One of the greatest little tidbits of my new apartment is this little space I have for manicures. Yep, that's right. I have a small desk dedicated not to my makeup, but solely to nail polish.

This desk was actually left here by the last tenant. It's a very cheap and lightweight piece — it was a hideous grey-brown laminate. I did a little bit of work to it with grey marble contact paper and copper paint. Next up, I'm going to be changing the drawer pull. So far, so good!
I made myself a cute little banner to hang above the station and decorated it with a small Ikea cactus and mirror that I already had. For a little desktop display of some of my favorite colors, I used a cosmetics organizer from Marshalls! It's perfect for skinny nail polish bottles like Julep, nail glue, brushes and more.

Plus I have owned this terrarium case and have never really put it to good use. For now, it's holding cotton balls (which I use for cuticle oil). It's functional and adds some color to the desk!

The drawer is the perfect size for the rest of my polish collection. I use a dotting tool to mark the lid of each one for easier searching. I even have space to neatly organize my nail art using these great bead organizing cases.

And lastly, I have a lot of extra wraps and stamping plates that I was having difficulty organizing before. I picked up this Wistonia binder on Amazon (I really wish it came in black) and it has been perfect for storing my plates and wraps neatly.

In the very back of that case, I keep my little hand drawn inspiration sheets. These are pages that I make when pulling inspiration or copying styles from my favorite Instagrammers, bloggers, or pulling inspiration from other art and books. It's a great resource when I'm at a nail brain-block!

How do you store your nail polish in your home? Leave photos in the comments!

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