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Friday, March 11, 2016

Review // Recent Pixi Boxes

It's been a while since I shared one of my Pixi boxes, so I decided to jump in and show the goodies that I've gotten in the last three shipments. Most of them are great, others are so-so, and one I ditched out the gate. Click through for the full review and some looks I did using this makeup!

Let's start with face and skincare. Here we have the Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Mud Mask, Hydrating Milky Mist and Glowtion Day Dew.

❖ Hydrating Milky Mist — This easily my favorite thing I've gotten from Pixi. I recently posted about my favorite skincare products from Little Tokyo and how I swear by the Kose Brown Sugar Resilient Gel at night. Well, the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist is my go-to morning moisturizer. I mist it onto my face about 30 minutes prior to doing my makeup. It makes my skin feel soft, light and refreshed for the day.

Alright, onto these three!

Glow Mud Cleanser — In the top left, the brown sample! This is a nice, soft face wash that is comparable to the other cleansers in my Little Tokyo skincare post. It does leave my skin feeling soft. Since it's sold at Target, it's a little easier to come by than some of the Japanese versions I posted recently. Definitely recommended!

Glow Mud Mask — This is my go-to when I am out of my Lush face masks. It's a dark grey mud mask. The directions say to leave it on for 15 minutes and let it dry. Now, most people I know recommend against letting face masks dry on your face. I've done this one a few times on my little relaxing 'spa nights' and I always end up feeling clean and refreshed. It does seem to have a positive affect on the redness of my skin.
Glowtion Day Dew — This is a sparkly (?) and shimmery face lotion. It has quite a bit of shimmer to it, which makes my skin look bright. Thing is, I wear a full-coverage foundation, so if I'm doing my normal makeup, it looses the look of this. It seems to work nicely with something light coverage, like a BB cream. I'll definitely hang onto this for days when I'm feeling like wearing "less makeup," but can't justify doing it every day since it gets lost under my heavy foundation.

Now, to lips. I haven't really had much luck with Pixi's lip products. They're nice, but I'm so stuck on Colourpop, that I find it difficult to go back to regular lipsticks!

Nourishing Lip Polish — Okay okay okay. So this stuff has claims to plump your lips. I really love the formula, and I do notice a little plumping, but I despise the applicator. It's this little awful bumpy thing that is intended to "massage" and "stimulate." It feels so awful. I've been squeezing some onto my finger and applying that way. So, yes! I love this product, but wish the tube was a little different. It has a light, fresh scent!

Classic Red Lipstick — This was the one thing that I ditched immediately. I really cannot get behind Pixi lipsticks. They're shiny and a little sheer and I don't think they apply evenly. You can see a swatch of that at the end of this post. I recently found the perfect red elsewhere. I'll be sharing that soon!

❖ Book of Beauty Minimal Makeup — I really thought I would dislike this, but I was mistaken! It contains two highlighters, two cheek colors, and four eyeshadows, all in "minimal" colors. My two complaints are this: The shimmery shadows have a lot of glitter fallout and the size of the palette. I've been considering depotting some of my eyeshadows, etc, into one large palette. Do any of you do that? I have been doing a bit of research on where to get started and it looks like a big task!

❖ Natural Contour Powder — I use this every day now. It's a contour powder and I thought for the longest time that it wouldn't work for me. I tried it and loved it! And in my experimentation, I decided to give a creme contour palette a try and was really unhappy. I came right back to this Pixi compact! It has really great and build able coverage.

This is a look I did with the minimal palette. Now, keep in mind that I do use the Kat Von D Lock it foundation, but everything else here is Pixi. I went with the brown bronzer as a contour and the white powder as a highlight! The eyes are both of the matte colors, and I even used the matte brown shadow on my brows. Finally, This is the Nourishing Lip polish on my lips. It definitely works for a nice, minimal face and took nearly no time!

This look is using the minimal palette shimmery eyeshadows and golden highlight. But I switched over to my Natural Counter Powder and sampled the Classic Red Lipstick! The Contour Palette and Minimal Makeup palette are very similar, but I think the Contour Palette has better coverage. They're both still great! Again, I'm not excited about the red lipstick, so It's finding it's way out the door already.

What are your favorite new products?


All Pixi Products were gifts from Pixi by Petra. Opinions are all my own!

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