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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Skincare from Little Tokyo

While in LA, Roxy took me to Little Tokyo to check out Daiso and a few other wonderful little beauty stores. I had heard so much about Daiso and was prepared to spend my allowance (hah!) on a bunch of crazy odds and ends — what I ended up doing was picking up some of my favorite new skincare products! See all the details after the jump and links to where you can get them for yourself.

This was my Little Tokyo Haul — some face washes, a moisturizers, and a lot of masks. I like masks, okay? They're a pretty easy way to ~treat yourself~.

I'll start with these three. I use these most often and have been really loving them!

Dot Free Aha & Ghassoul Peeling Clay — I sort of expected this to be more of a mask than a wash (because I'm bad at reading, I suppose), but you can see an example of the texture in the above photo on the left. It's a creamy face wash that has minimal lather. It makes my skin feel great! I use this one a little less often than the Uno, but my face feels so nice and smooth after using it. Highly recommended!

Shiseido Uno Whip Mask Moist — I die for this stuff. This is now my every day face wash. It's so smooth and lathers so nice. My skin has honestly never felt better! In the winter, I get really dry skin, but ever since I switched to the Uno Whip and the Kose moisturizer, I haven't had one bit of flakiness. I recommend this to anyone who, like me, struggles with dry skin. My face feels better an I have a much better canvas to start with when applying makeup!

With either of these, I notice virtually no smell, which I am okay with. I don't need any flowery scents and appreciate how they make my skin feel!

Kose Brown Sugar Resilient Gel — I can't even describe how much this stuff has changed my skin. I would say that out of everything I purchased on this trip, this was the best discovery I made. This gel is a soft, springy formula with high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and collagen. I apply this at night after removing my makeup and washing my face and I wake up to the most wonderfully soft skin! I don't think I could ever go back to using another moisturizer after seeing this light.

HASHTAG NO MAKEUP. Right? Okay these printed masks are equally terrifying and hilarious. I had to buy the piggie one!

Lifta RNA Charcoal Aging Face masks — These came box of 32, which is great because I use this mask about twice a week. They have retinol and collagen for anti-aging effects. Masks have become one of my favorite go-to relaxation activities after a long day!

Pure Essence Gold Hyaluronic Acid Mask — I was disappointed more with this mask than any of the others. It's still a good mask, but I bought it out of the hopes it was as ridiculous looking as some of the gold masks I've seen online. Unfortunately, it's just a plain white sheet. That's okay, though, cause I can keep these as my backup for when I run out of the Lifta RNAs!

Dewytree Shine Keeper Pig Mask — I really only bought this one because it's a pig! Duh! But it made my skin feel so soft and great. And, again, it was equal parts creepy and cute. Hah!

Pure Smile Daruma Mask — Here's another one that I bought because of the design. Daruma doll! It was hard picking from the huge variety of Pure Smile masks. They had kitties and pandas and all types of cool Japanese designs. This is another great mask that left my skin feeling super soft.


What are some of your favorite skincare products? Have you integrated any Japanese or Korean products in to your skincare regime?

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