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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Welcome Home

Yay! Today I'm finally sharing my new apartment with you! I've been living here for nearly two months — even though I was fully unpacked in the first week, I wanted to take some time off and relax before sharing my space. I've been slowly collection more plants. This apartment might be one of my favorites so far! Click through to see all of the photos.

Luckily, I am again on the top level of a vintage building. I love the old apartments in Chicago. They have so much more character than all of these new condos. I had been actively looking for a new place for a few months with no luck, and a friend send me a link to this place. One of his friends was moving to Sweden for work and was trying to find someone to take over her apartment via Facebook. As soon as I looked at it, I fell in love. There were a few things to change — the living room was pink and the kitchen was lime green (my most dreaded color), but I knew I could make it work for me.

My living room is now such a bright and fresh place. The pink wasn't awful, it just wasn't me. I repainted the room white and added a ton of plants and suddenly it's wonderful!

Amazingly, I had also been hunting for a new couch and this woman who was moving was looking to sell hers. Bam! New sofa and no need to move it. It's so much cozier and softer than my last one, and it's the perfect size for afternoon naps.

My entryway has the perfect amount of space for hanging coats and hats, and there's enough room to split the living area into a little office.

The dining room is another space with a lot of light! It was already this minty green once I moved in. I liked it, so I just kept it.
The hallways leads back to the bathroom and bedroom, still with lots of light coming in from the north windows. And my bathroom floors are the best vintage hexagon white tile!

I mean... I need plants in the bathroom too, right?

My bedroom is a deep jewel blue. It was also like this when I moved in. I've debated whether or not to paint this white also. The morning light already has me up early, so I can only imagine that it may be unbearably bright to ever sleep in. Hah!

And finally, the kitchen. I think my kitchen is so lackluster. It's big, but awkwardly shaped to really fit anything interesting in here. There's a ton of cabinet space and it's a great space for meal planning each week!


I'm so excited to keep working on this new place! Which is your favorite room?

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