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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Philly Trip

I had a little bit of anxiety just before my trip to Philly. I left that city on such a sour note two years ago and I was determined to make peace with a place that caused me so much grief. With the help of a few gracious hosts, a lot of food, and a few furry friends, I can happily say that my Philly trip was so much fun. Today I'm sharing a few teaser photos from the trip, plus keep your eye out for three outfits I shot while on vacation! See all the goodies after the jump. (Philly banner by Eric Kenney)

I few of you had warnings about flying with Frontier. Truth be told, considering that I only spent $30 on a round trip flight, I didn't have many expectations. Is there a seat that isn't a lawn chair? Check. Does the plane fly? Check. Okay. It was an hour and a half flight with your typical babies and sneezing strangers, but all in all just like any other flight I've taken. The only hiccup was a short delay to board on the return flight, but in my experience with Philly airport, that's pretty common. Hooray Frontier!

Upon my arrival, I was so tickled with these cookies Jamie had made for me. Some of you may remember Lou, my old roomie from my first few months in Philadelphia. He was nice enough to let me crash on his couch! And pizza-shaped cookies!

And of course, the infamous Scuz. This cat ...doesn't like me. He doesn't really like anyone. But he's a cat, so you can expect me to always gravitate toward furry pets.

One of my first stops was Franklin Fountain. I love this ice cream shop to no end!

And of course, this window. I remember seeing this the first day I moved to Philly and wondering what I had gotten myself into. Well, it's still there.
And of course, Federal Donuts! I used to frequent this shop. We had so much great food in Philly — naturally I only took photos of junk food. There was great dim sum, vegetarian Chinese, Royal Tavern, and beyond. I really do miss all of Philadelphia's great food (and veggie!) options.

One of the weirder (for a lack of better terms. It was actually fascinating) things we did was attend a performance art choreographed play for the Fringe Festival. When in Rome!

I wanted to hold back on shopping unless it was something really fun or unique. I broke that rule a little bit with this olive Free People top and knit Zara beanie. In my defense, I didn't realize how cold my bald head would be at night! But I was most excited about box from Jinxed (according to the tag, it's made of bone?) with Pharaoh's Horses carved on the lid! Pharaoh's Horses are my favorite tattoo design, and I could not leave without this. I also visited a great stationary store called Omoi Zakka Shop for this planner and cat tape (a gift for Joel!). I could have spent my whole allowance there! And of course, a nice minimal ring from Smak Parlour. More photos of that later.

But most of all, I wanted a memento that would really last. The day before I was ready to fly out, I went on a mission to get myself a little tattoo. Gus at Olde City Tattoo gave me this great little Percy Waters butterfly. I'm beyond stoked on it!

Overall, the Philly trip was so much fun that I imagine myself going back in the future. All the bad feelings I had been harboring are gone and I feel so glad. I really can't thank Lou and Jamie enough for putting me up and being my partners last week. Stay tuned for posts about my outfits over the next two weeks!

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